I have loved books since I was a child. However , after going to the pioneer high school , it was the biggest reading slump in my life so far. We always had homework to do together with many other things . Maybe I’m making excuses here but it was really overwhelming and tiring. I didn’t enjoy much my high school years . Students were filled with feelings of hate, hypocrism and envy. Everyone was focusing only on himself and did not lend a hand to someone else.

Yet, after becoming a student in Tunis Business School , I started reading on a daily basis. I’m currently taking the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I have read 19 / 50 books so far . Since the begining of 2017 , I did not skip a day without reading and it is making my life better . For these reasons , I advise everyone , no matter how old you are , to read , read and read. Believe me , this is one of the best habits you can make . It will not only help you develop new skills but also to deepen your knowledge in everything you want . Every year , more than 50,000 books are published in different fields .

To sum up , I think this quote will explain it all : “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” (George R.R Martin)